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Have you ever turned your faucet on and been greeted by water that isn’t quite the right color? You’re certainly not alone. But there is a lot that you can discern from the color of your water and we’d like to take a look at some of these.

1. Red, brown, orange, yellow

If your drinking water looks reddish, brownish, orange, or yellow in color, there is likely something metallic dissolved in it. In fact, you may even feel the metallic taste as you sip this water! So what does that tell you? That there is possibly a presence of iron or manganese in your water, from old cast iron pipes that have rusted over time. Rusty water may not harm your health, but it can stain your utensils and taste rather odd.

2. Black

Black is the worst possible color for your water to have. No doubt, this requires immediate attention and if not looked into immediately, could have serious impacts on your health. So find the source of your black colored water as soon as possible and get started on fixing it!

3. Foggy/foamy white

Such water may not be all that harmful, but it could be an indication of a damaged pipe and even result in stains in your sink. This is because the cloudiness is typically caused by mineral particles present in the water. And to address this, you may need to look into a reliable water filtration system.

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