12000 GPD Commercial Ro Plant


12000 Gpd Commercial RO Plant

• Working pressure: 150-250 PSI.
• Booster Pump: 3.2K (4HP) Vertical type multistage booster pump.
• Membrance material: TFC with FRP outer wrap.
• Mebrance Size x Unit: 4040 x 8.
• Membrance housing material: 304 Stainless steel with caps.
• Membrance housing: 4080 x 4.
• Flow meters: Pure water / Waste water.
• Pressure guages: Feed water pressure / Booster pump outlet pressure guages.
• Water quality indicator: TDS meter with LCD.
• Electrical controls: Micro-computer control, Overload breakers, LED indicators.
• Frames parts: Stainless steel main frame.
• Dimensions: 700 x 2550 x 1550.
• Weight: 300KG.
• Optional components: Work flow process control panel.
• Pre-Filtration: TK 207 (20” PP catridges 5u x 7).

*Feed Water Requirements
Feed water pressure>40PSI, SDI<3, PH: 3-11
Feed water temp.: 20-45ºC, Turbidity<1 NTU, oxidizer<0 PPM
Feed water TDS<1000PPM, iron<0.1PPM, hardness,5PPM


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